Say No to Clothing Waste

While some clothing is donated and recycled, the majority of textile waste heads to our landfills where they release greenhouse gases and leach toxins and dyes into the surrounding soil and water. It was estimated that only 1% of our clothing is ordinarily recycled into new garments; all the rest, that is 99% of the clothing in fact – are lost. That is colossal waste of resource; also massive damage to the environment. Sustinnoworx is working to bring together women in our diverse communities and empowering them to create items from recyclable fabric and materials that would otherwise add to landfill. Because of this complexity the intervention aims to create a choice for items like insulation and cloths, which otherwise may end up in landfill.

Textiles waste being estimated as second to oil and gas waste in NZ landfills, we through Sustinnoworx project encourage our community to donate preloved clothing that is otherwise being dumped in landfills and to convert it into saleable commodities by adding value to it. Our primary beneficiaries are migrant women including women survivors of violence who will be supported through the project while their children and families will benefit directly.


The 2022 Zero Textile Waste Campaign builds upon this existing project- delivering workshops and seminars to SDETAC clients, while also expanding education out to the community. This includes in-person and online upcycling workshops and fashion consumption seminars, as well as online advocacy. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep updated with our work!