The full form of SUSTINNOWORX! is Sustainable Innovative Works. Sustinnoworx! is a social enterprise that aims to promote environmental sustainability with the production of upcycled goods made from recycled and repurposed materials. It also aims to foster skills development among disadvantaged women including survivor of abuse and violence so that they move economically and socially from dependency to self-sufficiency.

Our Goals

  • Promote 4R initiatives by upcycling donated, second-hand goods
  • Reduce our landfill waste and carbon footprint
  • Provide retail experience to volunteers and trainees
  • Upskill women to harness their full potential
  • Sell good quality pre-loved items (clothes, homeware, etc.)
  • Reinvent unusable items into crafts, jewellery, bags, décor
  • Introduce sustainable life skills to our communities (sewing, crafting)
  • Support the empowerment of women as entrepreneurs and value their skills
  • Allocate part of the profits to reducing violence against women and children
  • Promote income generation, allowing women to work from home and get their products sold at our shops

Our values

  • Sustainability, both economic and environmental
  • Growth through education and entrepreneurship
  • Holistic methods and approaches
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Creating a positive impact in society and communities
  • Promoting Innovation & Resourcefulness

We endeavour to:

Promote independence and long-term sustainability (financial, social and environmental) to women from our communities who may be disadvantaged by:

  • Language barriers
  • Single household incomes
  • Lack of employment skills for labour market
  • Unrecognized overseas qualifications
  • Domestic violence
  • Being beneficiaries

We also endeavour to:

  • Promote sustainable business options
  • Be a self-sustainable business model
  • Foster community integration and social change
  • Promote a sustainable future and an equitable society